Agrismart Info-day Innovela, Belgium

The virtual info day hosted by INNOVELA, the partner from Belgium, on April 21st, 2023, has been organised with attendees from various stakeholder categories including farmers, consultants, teachers in agricultural institutes and schools, and educators. The event began with a warm welcome by the Managing Director of INNOVELA, Athina Katsanou, followed by informative presentations by George Dimitriadis, Pieter Pypers, and Nick Pannecoucque. The participants emphasized the importance of addressing learners and students through the use of MOOC to improve their skills before entering the job market. The event also highlighted the need for digital skills in the agricultural sector and implementing new methods in a traditional sector of the European economy. Educators from different institutions in the field of Agriculture were invited to share their input and views to increase the impact of the AgriSmart results. Overall, the InfoDay proved to be a great platform for experts in different fields of agricultural science and VET to come together and share their knowledge and experiences.