Agrismart Info-day Arid, Poland

The ARID Association in Poland held a successful info-day on 23.02.2023 in Luborzyca, attended by 55 participants including farmers, advisors, directors of research institutes and schools, and educators. The event included presentations of the Agrismart project, its results and specific learning units, followed by discussions and signing of the statement of support. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with most indicating that the environment, use of languages, and opportunities for discussion were appropriate and beneficial. However, some stakeholders recommended that there is a need for trainings about digitalization in their workplace, and for more education on EU regulations and the CAP, particularly among younger generations. The challenge in Poland is to convince older generations to develop new skills in terms of sustainability and digitalization, but overall, the info-day was a success in promoting the Agrismart project and improving climate-smart and digital skills in the agricultural sector.